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Which Quilting Style Suits Me?

Ann lauer quilting fabric

If you are new to the art of quilting then it is very important to know about the different quilting styles. When you know the style then you can choose the right technique as well. For many intended quilters it is not an easy task to handle quilting. Many things falling into your ears will actually confuse you about the quilters. Usually you will be getting the information’s about fabrics, techniques and the equipment. Unless you are aware of all these you cannot create the right quilt. Knowing about all these aspects is essential before you start working with your quilting project.

The style of the quilt actually determines that which kind of quilt you have. Once you have bought the Ann lauer quilting fabric check for the glossary of the terms that you would come across while following the tutorial of quilting. It is not hard any more to learn and explore quilting. You can easily use online and offline sources to acquire this information.

If you want to master a certain style then check for the different popular styles that you can use to make a quilt. Here we have created a list of the styles prevalent among the quilt creators. You can see which one is close to your heart and then you can learn to master it.

  1. Applique

Applique is an artistic and creative way for creating the quilt top.  It can either be made in a simple way or can use a dimensional approach. The applique can be created in different ways on the quilt. The popular applique methods include reverse applique, freezer paper applique, and fusible applique. In this method fabric pieces from different pieces of fabric are stitched together to create a quilt. If your kids are a huge fan of wildlife you can use different Australian animal prints to make their favourite.

  1. Block and Patchwork Quilt Techniques

It is among the traditional modes of creating quilts.  You can have the pattern including squares or half squares to make a complete quilt. The blocks are made with multicolour patches from the different Ann lauer quilting fabric. Patches cut in square, triangular or circular shape are joined together to create something awesome.

  1. English Paper Piecing

It is a technique that gets its name from the native country.  The process involves cutting the paper pieces into certain shapes. The fabric is then attached to the paper patterns. It is an easy method for the beginners.

You can cut the paper shapes on your own or buy the pre-cut shapes from any crafts shape. It is for this reason that this style is called paper piecing. This method can be used to make the pillows or the decoration pieces.

  1. Trapunto Quilting

Trapunto quilting is popular with the name stuffed quilting. The name comes from an Italian word that means to quilt. Between the top and the bottom padding is placed.

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