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Different Types Of Screens Used For Different Purposes





We must have seen everywhere that screens are used sometimes for privacy and sometimes for other purposes. If we take a look at our own house, we will realize that we also have window screens everywhere because they are the basic ventilation system of the particular place, if there will be no screen or there will not be any window, then a person who is inside that place will not get enough air and they might feel exhausted there, this is because windows are the best ventilation and even the jails have windows which allows the person to survive. Screens are everywhere, if you even go to offices then you will see that there are screens in the offices of the heads which allows them to see what is going on outside. Therefore, screens are very important nowadays, not only for maintaining discipline but it is also important for privacy as well, there are many different kinds of screens which are used for different purposes, out of all those screens, here are some of the following: 

1-Tinted Screens 

2-Outdoor screens 

3-Garden Screens 

Tinted Screens 

This type of screens are used for privacy, the tint does not allow the person to look inside the room while the people who are inside the particular place can easily see other people, one can install them to bathrooms at their shower screens, they can use this to avoid their neighbours to watch you because if your neighbours are peaky then you need this type of screen and if they peak again then they will see nothing except their own reflection.  This is the reason tinted screens are the best when you want complete privacy. For more info, please log on to

Outdoor Screens 

Usually when you sit in an outdoor area of your home, you feel that everything is open and everyone can see in your house but some people do not like anyone seeing them when they are sitting comfortably in their own home. For this reason, outdoor screens came into existence which does not allow anyone to see in your house even when you are sitting in the outdoor space of your home. 

Garden screens 

If you want privacy in your garden, then you might go for screens but garden needs sunlight to stay fresh this would not be possible if you install screens in your garden. This is where garden screens help you. Garden screens in Melbourne are especially made for gardens which are designed in a way that sunlight can easily pass through it but no one can see through it. If you are looking for the company that has the beautiful and best quality garden screens then the Kleencut is the best choice as we have reasonable prices with the best quality products. So feel free to contact us and get your house the best garden screens. 

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