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Types Of Bird Lice Treatment

bird lice treatment

Like termite issues in animals, birds can also experience parasite presence in their body due to which disease can develop if the treatment is delayed. The best cure for this is the use of bird lice treatment application. Birds can also be taken to visit a vet for proper consultation and prescribed meditation. Cleanliness maintenance is the longer survival option for birds without lice and other parasitic invaders. There are some stances where birds under solar panel comes for rest and shelter, however, the condition do not appear for much time due to the presence of the expensive panel system. These birds may create a mess near the panel and even can disturb or damage the wires and panels of the system, generating faults in its working.

Types of bird lice treatment

There are many birds which show symptoms of lice presence of lice, mites, termites and parasites in their body hairs and feathers. This type of problem can be causally resolved by employing different potential bird lice treatment. The first step of any lice cure procedure involves the disinfection of the entire premises as well as the bird by approved disinfectants. This action helps to prevent the possibilities of re-infestation of lice in birds.

Apart from the immediate disinfection, other treatment like use if dusting sprays and insecticides are quite commonly used in the world by vets. There are many vet offered products like permethrin and butoxide chemicals that work wonders for bird lice treatment. Some traditional methods include the application of olive oil on the bird’s body for better cure and protection. Still, it must be assured to avoid the use of medicines in the bird’s eyes and mucous as it can cause serious pain and even death if misused. Some cases also involve the use of spray carpets for lice capture.

Birds under solar panel

It is better not to install the solar panels on the roof; most suited location for installation is on the rails, as it avoids the presence of underneath shelter sites. Similarly, if there is a bird cage near the installed solar panel system, it is recommended to replace it for cleanliness issues. Over the years, large numbers of birds under solar panel cases have created loss of financial loss and damage to the solar panels. The bird’s nesting related materials, dropped poop and debris are some of the notable factors giving a major chunk in the running of the solar panel system.

The damages caused by the presence of birds under solar panel include the chewing of wires and corrosive action on the panel surfaces by the aluminum present in the poop of birds are the most adverse cases reported.


Bird lice treatment is particularly approved by vets to ensure complete removal of lice from bird’s body. This can be done by the use of sprays, medicines, powder and most predominantly by disinfection. The birds under solar panel can sometimes become harmless for the working conditioning of the installed roofed or non-roofed solar panel. Please visit for more information.

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