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Misconceptions About The Chinese Legal System

Currently, a lot of people have some misconceptions about the Chinese law and the Chinese lawyers due to which a lot of misinformation is floating around the world about them. We have decided to clarify these misconceptions about the Chinese law for our readers, let’s find out that they are about. 

  1. Contracts

Contracts are an essential part of making a deal with someone, if you do not have a signed contract, then you have almost got nothing to proof against the other party. It is strictly recommended and highly advised to not ignore or discount the importance of an official agreement between the two parties. 

  1. Chinese Lawyer forGuanxi 

There is a major misconception floating around about hiring a Chinese lawyer when it comes to guanxi. However, this is not true. All you need is an experienced and a professional lawyer whether they are foreign or Chinese. Find a lawyer that understands your objectives of the case and knows the law of that area. Nothing else matters besides this. 

  1. Western Style Legal Document

People always assume that having a western style legal document is the best way of protection, however, when it comes to Chinese law in reality, there is no such requirement. In fact, it is highly advised to keep things as simple as possible between both the parties. A legal document should be very much clear for all the parties in order to avoid any unfortunate surprises in the future.  

  1. Litigation

There is a very common misconception that if you litigate and you lose, you can always appeal and chances are that you will win. However, this is not true. Judges often check with the senior judges before they solidify their final verdict. So if you have lost and are planning on appealing, know that there is no point as you are most likely to get the same decision as you did get earlier. The reason being, that the higher level judge had assisted your actual judge of the case.  

The Chinese market is somewhat different than the rest of the world and is also unique in some of the aspects. Sometimes the differences amongst the Chinese and others are pretty obvious while most of the time they are not. The purpose of providing this information to the readers was to clarify their doubts about the chines law and the Chinese lawyers in Sydney and aims to provide awareness and knowledge to the issues that are generally faced by the people in china that may impact their lifestyle or decision making in the litigation and legal circumstances. Hope this useful guide helped you in clearing out all the doubts that you had earlier.   lawyers-services-hire.jpg

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