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Nicholls and Maher Limited started tasks in 1976 and have been developing from that point forward. We’re glad to be 100 precent New Zealand claimed and worked. We enjoy our home and structures in Auckland which incorporates a disposable hand towels in a store room. We work contract distribution centres in Wellington and Christchurch permitting us to astronomically support guests.

 We are a little group of inconceivable individualities that are engaged to suppose” fresh” and to get effects going. We work with a little group of great individualities that are engaged to suppose” fresh” and to get effects going. We’re continually hoping to further develop our toilet paper rolls in NZ range either from a quality, natural or assessing forthcoming.

How our company provides high quality products?

 Nicholls and Maher Limited are concentrated on effectively source and disperse particulars that limit the ecological effect of both creation and rotation. To this end any place implicit we will just import verified pressed wood, disposable hand towels and’ post purchaser squander’ reused paper.

Nicholls and Maher Limited is pleased to have a long term relationship with Sea craft Limited furnishing Plywood and Fiberglass for their Haines Hunter boats.

  1. Gabon face and back. Eucalyptus centre compressed wood and marine wedged.
  2. Gabon has a warm variety and awful grain, which can be upgraded with the use of a reasonable fleece.
  3. Generally employed for walls and roofs, as well as colourful operations in the furnishings and joinery gambles.

The Nicholls and Maher NZ Environmental Policy cover all toilet paper rolls association exercises inside New Zealand. This strategy is assessed yearly for progressed with progress.

Nicholls and Maher NZ has executed able ecological approaches that satisfy, and where conceivable, surpass the prerequisites of New Zealand and global natural principles and regulations, and our way of allowing to natural awareness and safekeeping are reflected all through our business.

 Nicholls and Maher NZ is concentrated on leading business in a way that oversees natural issues skilfully. We satisfy this responsibility by

 Committing Executive means to execute the Environmental Policy by toilet paper rolls presenting a feasible administration control frame.

  1. Keeping up with substantial licenses for widely perceived FSC ® Chain of Custody instruments.
  2. Looking to portion spare and non-sustainable means, like energy, in all tasks.
  3. Trying to exercise and exercise unrefined substances and waste at every possible occasion.
  4. Carrying the most predicated disposable hand towels particulars accessible for our guests.

Few focused points about NICOM

Meaning to keep up with the most expansive position of command over effluences and releases of accoutrements to the climate and hence persistently further developing our donation where monetarily doable.

Observing, surveying and publicizing progress toilet paper rolls against concurred targets and seeking after harmonious enhancement in our ecological prosecution and carrying out changes and better systems as needed. So, don’t waste your time anymore! For more information visit our website:

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