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All About Refrigeration Gauges

Test gauges which are used for the changing of the refrigerant in a refrigerator are called the capsule pressure gaugess. Similar kind of the pressure gauges are also used in the charging procedure of the air conditioner as well as heat pumps. Although in order to perform these procedure, it is important that you calibrate the attached HVAC equipment so that any kind of contamination could be avoided in this procedure. Following is the brief guide on the usage of these.

How to use the refrigeration gauge for charging the refrigerator?

Number of things could be performed using the refrigeration gauge which could include the finding the leaks in the refrigerator. For this purpose, there are two main steps that you should always consider. One is the connection of the central supply of the gauge to the canister of the system of which the gas pressure needs to be measured. Now when you have made sure that the connection is established, you should release some of the refrigerant gasses in the hoses which are attached to the refrigeration gauge.  There are two hoses and one has the high pressure whereas other has the low pressure.

How to install and use the refrigeration gauge?

Although there are different types of the refrigeration gauges which could be used and each one of these have the hoses which are of either two or three. The third one is the refrigerant canister. You could use the one which you think is right. The next step is to read the pressures on both low and high side. Read the respective pressure readings which then would determine the pressure on each side.

Which systems are appropriated for this type of the refrigeration gauge?

The systems in which the primary media is liquid are the ones which are best for this. It is called a refrigeration gauge because it is mostly used in these systems. Although it is not suitable for all the liquid media but the ones in which there is no contact of the liquid to the copper parts. These kind of the pressure gauges do now work well with the vibrations therefore; these should not be used in such systems. The gauge which is especially designed for measuring the pressures in the industrial refrigeration or in some cold rooms are called the gauge cooling. These are then further used for the air conditioning pressure measures as well. There could be a slight different between the structure of the gauge cooling and the refrigeration gauge but the basic functionality is same and the types of the refrigerants that are used with either of these are different as well.

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